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        KHEMED was founded in 2011, located in Kunshan which ranked first place in top 100 counties of China. KHEMED focuses on a variety of cutting tools of R & D and production, as well as the technology innovation since it set up. Following the rule of innovation and design quality control, KHEMD sells Otech Knife (R) brand at home and abroad. Our company mainly sells all kinds of cutting tools, pneumatic cutting tools, and we also agent many kinds of knives made in Taiwan, Japan, Germany DIENES cutting tools.

        KHEMD has set up technical cooperation with Toyo blade, Germany DIENES after several years of development. We improve the technical constantly, getting a completed scheme in viscous material industry, paper industry, special membrane material industry when they used in the production process gradually, reducing the production cost for customers effectively, as well as saving resources to make the customers’ products more competitiveness.

        KHEMD follows the rule: credibility first, customer first, the concept of sustainable development since the establishment, we feedback the actual benefits to our customers and country, we welcome customers domestic and overseas to visit our company and communication with us.